Saturday, 12 September 2009

Art Finds..

Somethings you come accross on tinternet sometimes step beyond weird.. for example...cakes with teeth.

Sharp teeth at that..

The work of Scott Hove has always been one of those things that instantly stand out for me and always carry a great deal of interest, whether its into his making process or just his ideas behind each peice..Sometimes though it doesnt really matter what the idea is when its so pleasing (often scary) to look at..

Highlight of his most recent show 'Cakeland' for me (well, from what I've seen online) is definately 'Gearface' though for me it carries some very subtle nods in composition to some work by AJ Fosik..Could just be the teeth though..

Im a fan of simple shocks and peices that mix an element of ambiguity with a striking presence



Striking .. (TICK)

Check out his work @

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