Thursday, 29 April 2010

Itsa Bitsa Info

Howdy all, especially all the new 'all' that are now reading this here blog.

Firstly, a big thanks to everyone that turned up for the opening of the show, busy times. Much fun was had and much chat was pelted out of my mouth..shout out to the always entertaining Fairhead brothers (shameless links HERE and HERE) my boy WTM (another shameless link) and everyone else who made it down. The show is still on until the 9th of May and its getting great feedback so hope you can pop down.

A few things to keep you posted on;

I managed part-take in a brief interview with Pierrick of Art-Pie for those who want to read it, can read it HERE.

Photos of the opening aswell as the work can be found HERE, THERE and HERE.

I'm currently working on two portrait commissions so I'm back in my dark corner for now but figured I'd drop you readers a line anyhow.

also to say that I'm currently being highly amused by the following:

as I'm pretty sure its not far from being the truth..

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