Monday, 23 August 2010


Hey general Public!

Thought I'd come on and show anybody reading this some love and give you the Arth lowdown!

1stly, My interview/feature in issue 3 of HEY! magazine has just gone into print and is set for international release on Sept 9th; it features lots of words from me and a few insights into my process and influences growing up so keep a keen eye out for that, i'm actually pretty excited about it myself!

(issue 2 cover)

(issue 3 being printed..with me in it)

Check out their bilingual online blog HERE

Secondly, I've been working closely with DELS for his second single cover, 'Trumpalump'; I'm set to have it painted up by the beginning of next week so expect some sort of teaser crop very soon..DELS had specific ideas on what he wanted for the cover so for those who are familiar with my work it may seem reminiscent of a certain image from 'Itsa bitsa..' though being bespoke its a pleasure to paint again!

Thirdly, I'm working on my show entry for an upcoming Group show at StolenSpace.. though at this point the less said the better, however: its going to be abit special it is.

Keep an eye out on the StolenSpace Website for show announcements in the next few weeks.

I'd also like to take the opportunity (as I dont know when I'll be blogging next) to drop a big Heads-up for my boy Wordtomothers upcoming Oct show at StolenSpace too, its go'n be a BANGER.

I'll no doubt be along to show my undivided support, I expect to see alot of you folk there too!...

Until Next time!


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Guillaume said...

Well the magazine is bilingual (English/French), but the blog is only in French, sorry ;)

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