Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Pics Soon (*Boring preach alert*)

So, work on the new Piece is going really well, roughs are complete and final painting starts this week before construction next. Expect some sneaky (blurry phone) pics very soon.

This new piece is a nice breathe of fresh air for me, being alot more hand-on with constructing something opens up a lot of potential for other pieces in the series, its very different from stretching the canvas you paint on so more 3D is something I'm likely to pursue depending on how the piece goes down. I'd like to up-scale the work too which is always exciting. Larger paintings are what I'm really about.

Boring Part:

Its important to break down your process as much as possible I find, it gets you out of ruts where you constantly feel as though you need to abide by a set of rules or adhere to certain aesthetics in your 'style' (*cringe*). The point at which you think you have a style is when you seriously need to think about long-term creative plans as you've essentially given your work and process a sell-by date. Although this is usually the case in commercial art and not finer art.

I don't usually preach, but its just something that has struck me lately about a lot of work I've been looking at.

Boring bit over - You Stay Classy San Diego/London/wherever you're reading this.

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