Sunday, 24 April 2011

Stuart Kolakovic @ Nobrow Gallery

First up is a friend of mine - Stuart Kolakovic

We spent alot of time hanging out together during our studies, Stuart has had a phenomenal career to date with a client list that isn't too shabby..

His most recent body of work is going on show at Nobrow Gallery and notes a change in direction for Stu as he's for once (well, for the 1st time in a while) been allowed free reign on the show; So naturally I'm expecting a full on Willy-Wonker-of-Death experience. As you can see, theres a welcomed darkness to the flyer thats been missing from his commercial work for some time now, its got me fully hyped. expect all sorts, but DO NOT expect to leave the show dissapointed.

See his website for more info HERE

Details of his latest show (with Nobrow) can be found HERE

And for More info on his new direction, keep an eye on Herman Inclusus

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